Sometimes you need more space. Sometimes you want more room to entertain. Adding an addition to your home can not only increase your quality of life by making things more functional, but it can also add value to your home. Here are five questions to consider before adding to your home.

How will it change the appearance?

An addition can drastically change the way a house looks from the road or yard. And if it isn't well planned, the new space can look like it doesn't belong or match the rest of the home in terms of style or overall shape. Working with a good designer ensures that the house looks as good, or even better, than it did before the addition. The new space should look as if it was part of the original design, and not as an afterthought.

Is it legal?

Before you begin designing or remodeling, you should check municipal codes to see if your dream addition is even legally allowed. For example, local zoning laws or setbacks may prohibit some of your plans. An experienced, certified professional remodeler will be aware of local building codes and laws. They will also work with their local building code official to complete the proper permits and inspections to avoid problems in the future.

What will my neighbors think?

Unlike a bathroom or kitchen remodel, your neighbors have a stake in your new addition. For one, it's a remodel the whole neighborhood can actually see. To avoid any future complaints, you'll want to ensure your design complies with any homeowners association guidelines and fits the overall aesthetic of the original home and neighborhood. But you also want to talk to your neighbors to ensure your addition will not interfere with any of their rights, such as right of way, light or property lines.

How will it affect the value of my home?

Because you are adding square footage and upgrading the features, an addition will most likely raise your home's value. While it won't affect your taxes right away, it could raise your property taxes when you get a new assessment. Homeowners should also contact their insurance agent to ensure their policy covers the full value of the home and the addition.

How can I improve my home?

Building an addition is an ideal time to invest in energy-efficient fixtures and construction. Windows that prevent hot or cool air from escaping and low-energy-consuming appliances can minimize the cost of an addition by reducing energy bills and its environmental impact.