Founded in 1996

David Strum decided to take his years of experience and wealth of knowledge to create his own company, David Strum Builders. The day he finished his first house and saw the eyes of the homeowners light up, he knew this would be his career. There was something extremely special about designing and building homes from the ground up.


Just ask him and he'll tell you that you will learn a lot from building a home from scratch, especially from the customer point-of-view. David's talked to hundreds of people about the building process - what they like, dislike, how they feel, and what should be added. Two things are crystal clear to David now: first, every home has to have a great design. And second, what people want is the freedom and flexibility to build an affordable home, where they want it and how they want it done. David and his crew give unparalled service to the industry compared to other building contractors in the area.


David soon discovered that his vision was designing and building homes for his customers exactly how they wanted them; not close to what they wanted, but exactly. Even more, to do it at a price and quality level that no other contractor could deliver, something that is much easier said than done.


It was from David's passion and insight that drove him and his staff to make a committment to building a legacy of quality-driven work with affordable prices. Today, David Strum Builders is one of the best building contractors throughout the Roxboro, Durham , and Rougemont , North Carolina area.